Cafe of Life

Dated: January 1 2020

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The Café of Life

Written by Addison Garcia

My dad went to the gym and he saw a café called the café of life. He thought of how great of a metaphor this was. He figured that people serve different types of “food” could affect how well your café was run. He called me and asked me to write a piece on this idea.

What’s on your menu?

   An essential question you must ask yourself is, “what is on your life café’s menu? Is it hatred and greed, or kindness and love? If your café only serves hatred and bitterness, no one will want to come in. People will distance themselves from you, and no one will want to be on your staff. However, if you serve kindness and love people will flock to your café, people will be lining up to be on your staff. Look at your menu, if you notice that no one is there to support you, maybe instead of blaming them look at what you serve. You should never expect to receive wonderful dishes of kindness if all you are giving is hatred. Even though you should be kind to everyone sometimes people will take advantage of that. A sad fact of life is that there are people out there who will take advantage of your kindness. Sometimes you may see people on your staff who are being unkind, and not treating you as kindly as you treat them. They may point out all your flaws instead of pointing out how well you’re doing. They may insult you or tell you to “chill” when you consult them about their behavior. This is when you must fire them. It hurts sometimes, even though you know that in the end this will benefit you. Don’t worry feeling guilty is perfectly normal, they were probably a huge part of your life. During these times it is important to rely on those who have been there for you. After firing them you will look around and notice how much more efficient and clean your restaurant has become.

Valued Costumers

Something that might be hard to face is that a few people may not like your café, even if you serve kindness. This is simply something that must be accepted.  Unless they are actively rude or disrespectful to you this is not a problem, its not because you are not serving kindness. Your food just simply isn’t to their taste. It is a vain person who believes everyone must like them in order to be happy. If you have your close staff and valued customers, you shouldn’t need to worry about who likes your food or not.

Keeping your restaurant clean

Have you noticed that your café is becoming dirty? There are cobwebs of stress in the corners, and depression dust on the counters. People are beginning to avoid your café and business is declining. What can you do about this? Take a day off and spend some time off. Don’t worry about how your visitors will react, if they truly care about you, they will understand.

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